Conditioner Step 2 – Balancing Conditioner (25oz)






The skin and hair’s ability to repair itself is at its peak when we are young. Over time however, they can suffer from damage caused by sun exposure, environmental pollutants, stress and more. While nothing can guarantee eternally youthful skin and hair, recent technological advances can help to take years off of your appearance. With this in mind, Oxyfresh has developed Aiyana®—an exceptional line of skin and hair care products that can help to restore your youthful, natural beauty!

Aiyana® Hair Care restore natural beauty to your hair. Formulated with carefully selected herbs and essential oils. Aiyana gently cleanses, richly conditions and fully volumizes your hair.

Aiyana’s 3-Step Hair Care System: • CLEAN • CONDITION • NOURISH

This incredible conditioner helps to revitalize perms, replenish moisture and enhance your natural highlights. The unique combination of natural extracts, oils and organic proteins in Aiyana® Balancing Conditioner helps to condition and nourish your hair, as it restores a natural, healthier balance.

Size: 25oz


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