Cleansing Gele Body Shampoo (25oz)

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clean and pamper your skin


Cleansing Gele Body Shampoo (25oz)

Hands-down the best liquid soap

This liquid soap is bursting with minerals, moisturizers and vitamins to nourish your skin like nothing you’ll find on store shelves!

And our exclusive odor-fighting ingredient Oxygene® will remove even the most stubborn smells from your skin, such as onions and garlic.


  • With Aloe to soothe your skin
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin like regular soaps
  • Oxygene® gives you maximum deodorizing power
  • Residue-free for skin that feels as amazing as it looks
  • Ultra versatile – use as hand soap, full body wash or even shampoo

Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera Soothes, promotes healing, helps ensure nutrient absorption.

Oxygene® (Sodium Chlorite): Disrupts bacterial colonization, oxidizes volatile sulfur compounds, eliminates oral odors, disinfectant properties.

We keep it pure, safe & simple

Our line of home care products includes the exclusive odor-eliminating ingredient Oxygene®, which neutralizes all kinds of odors.

Our Cleansing Gelé fortified with Oxygene® offers premium protection against odors that no store brand liquid soap can match.

Recommended use

Body Cleansing: For use as a full body wash, allow lather to remain on skin for one full minute for maximum deodorizing power. Supervise use by children. Other Uses: For external use only. Check for colorfastness of dyed materials prior to use.

1 review for Cleansing Gele Body Shampoo (25oz)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My All Time Fav Cleansing Gel , whenever ur body is sensitive , itchiness , redness . It heals !!!

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