Floor Cleaner



Oxyfresh Floor Cleaner with Oxyfresh’s patented ingredient Oxygene®. It is a specially formulated floor cleaner that not only provides a powerful antibacterial shine, but also removes odor that is sulfur in nature and cleans tough dirt and grime, leaving floor clean, rich in fragrance and a sparkling shine. Together with extra wax, it is effective for floors, wall tiles, drains, and kitchens. Furthermore, it helps to prevent of fungus organisms, bacteria and repels insects like cockroaches and ants.

Use it in homes, offices, clinics, malls and any kind of industrial cleaning that expects results!

  • Powerful antibacterial shine
  • Removes odors that is sulfur in nature
  • Cleans tough dirt and grime
  • With extra wax


Dilute 1 capful to 10 liters of water. Mop floor or surface to be clean. No rinsing is required.


Our exclusive odor-fighting ingredient, Oxygene® is a safe, non-toxic formulation that literally dissolves odor-causing molecules. Fast-acting and proven to wipe out bad smells, you won’t find this ingredient anywhere else. No wonder Oxygene®-based products are enthusiastically recommended by dentists, veterinarians and customers.


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